June 17, Quebec City

It is good bye to New Brunswick as we head towards Quebec City. Hit Quebec and … the light that says the beast needs diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) additive comes on (knew that because of the fiasco just south of Kansas). We do a U turn just past a Ford dealership in Quebec. Nancy pulls in and the games began.I go in to find that no one speaks English. Fortunately I am bilingual (what a joke that is) and was able to effect a transaction.  While I was adding fluid Winston jumped out of the window (obviously trying to separate) and was recaptured from somewhere deep in the bowels of the service department.

The rest of the drive into Quebec City and the Chateau Frontenac was uneventful. Best deal in Quebec City? Valet parking your motor home. We toured the Citadel and walked around the old walls

Doug and Winston at the Citadel

before leaving the dog in the room

Winston in the Chateau Frontenacwhile we went out to Le Continental Restaurant for a nice dinner.

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