June 24, Kenora and Willows Campground

As we drive out of Thunder Bay we find a friendly Mercedes dealership  where we stop, hoping to get a burned out headlight bulb replaced. Not only can they do it, they claim it shouldn’t take too long. Please wait and they will tell us when.

Being the savvy travelers we are we fire up the stove and start the bacon cookin’. A knock comes on the door. We need the van now please and no you cannot continue making breakfast while we change out the lightbulb.

If you are ever in Thunder Bay and need a car or service go to Lakehead Motors (as if). I wrote a gushing review.

We drive like hell to the Lake of the Woods and through my campground picking expertise (surpassed only be my stock picking expertise) we end up at Willows the only place NOT ON A LAKE. They do, however, have a very nice website.

Are there bugs in Northern Ontario?

Willows Campground, Kenora

The last time we were somewhere you needed a screen like this one at the next campsite the sandflies were of biblical proportions.

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