June 25, Winkler and Triple E

Thursday morning we shoot out of Ontario onto the flatlands of Manitoba, stopping smack dab in the middle of Canada

Center of Canadaand then we head south to Winkler, Manitoba where our van was made at Triple E Manufacturing. We got a factory tour from Dean (he is their video star) so of course we were very happy

Triple E

Here is the all time best camping tip of all from a lady we met while we were touring the factory, too bad we found out about it at week 5.95 out of 6:

The only campground app to get is Allstays. Buy it for 12 bucks and put it on your phone or iPad. Wherever you are you can bring up a map that shows all of the closest campgrounds with all the info you need. Stressed out about where to stay next? ONLY EVERY OTHER DAY.

Boy would we be good at RV’ing if we knew all this shit before we left.

Stayed tight to the US border and spent the night at the Killarney Agricultural Society Campground in Killarny, Manitoba. Maybe should have stuck around for the fair but we could smell the barn and even Winston was running out of gas

Killarny, Manitoba

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