June 15, a day of rest

Every once in a while when you are on the big road trip you need to dust off and throttle back. Tried to sleep in; no luck. The sun shone in and we got up. Used the cardboard and markers we bought in North Carolina to make up the for sale sign for the van (only about a week late). When I find the picture I’ll post it.

After the sign was made Barry and Lorraine took us out for a sail in Margaret’s Bay in their boat

Barry Ruddick's boat
Then dinner with their oldest son Chris and his family. The hockey game started at 10:00. Halfway through the first period it was nighty night time.


June 14, we hit Peggy’s Cove

No power at the Blomidon campsite so we drive down the hill to the day area and fire up the generator for hot showers. A hike along the beach while the tide came in. The rock that Winston is sitting on was covered in just under an hour.

Winston at the Bay of Fundy

We drove through the middle of Nova Scotia to Lunenburg so we could look at the $19MM restoration of the Bluenose II (there were a few over runs).

From there it was a drive through Nova Scotia cottage country through Mahone Bay and Chester to Peggy’s Cove. I sure hope Peggy was pretty.

Peggy's Cove 2

And then back up the road along St. Margaret’s Bay to Glen Haven where we spend the night with Barry and Lorraine Ruddick, Lorraine being the daughter of my mother’s brother, Barry being an adjunct professor of Oceanography (I hope I got that right, the professor part) and an itinerant windsurfer and kiteboarder.

Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the driveway into their house, they laughingly referred to it as a double black diamond. I was handed the keys to back down, did a brake check before starting.

June 13, where were we?

Good morning to the Algongquin hotel and good bye to St. Andrews by the Sea. If you want to go to Nova Scotia from New Brunswick take the ferry from St. John to Digby. We followed a van with a tent trailer on to the ferry, what is so strange about that you ask.  How about eight kids and a mom and a dad. I studied them closely, none appeared to be adopted. We get off the ferry at Digby, drive around, give up and order a scallop hamburger.  We should have skipped the bun and ordered a double of the scallops BEST EVER!!!.
This is me before they arrive,


I called bullshit, I was so wrong. And then we  drive to Blomidon so we can camp above the Bay of Fundy where the tides are over 40 feet, Some Germans scooped our spot so there was leveling involved. Winston found some hot Truro women to give some love to. Check them out on his instagram: Winston.The.Great

When you are camping there must be fire



June 12, Good bye to the USA

Cleared US customs as we drive back into Maine from Campobello. From Maine we get back into Canada where we were asked what we bought in the six hours we were in the States. Gas, but I guess that doesn’t count. Hit New Brunswick, the Algonquin Hotel and a few golf balls at St. Andrews By the Sea. For those who care it was originally constructed in 1894 and renovated in the 1920’s by Donald Ross. Lovely. Dinner and a bed down in the hotel. Tomorrow it is good bye New Brunswick and hello Nova Scotia.

I’m pretty sure Winston posted a few pictures on Instagram from his time at the hotel.  Check them out at Winston.the.great

June 11, a brief visit to Canada

Freeport, Doug and NancyAnd so we leave Kennebunkport to get our asses kicked at the LL Bean store in Freeport, Maine.  From there it is Bangkor then Campobello Island where Franklin D. Roosevelt had his summer cottage and what is now a historic site. Funny thing: Campobello Island is Canadian. Think Point Roberts in reverse. To get to it we cleared Canadian Customs after driving across a bridge. To leave it we had to clear US Customs after going back across the bridge.

Herring Cove Provincial Campground on the island was very good, no one was there.Campobello Island Camping



June 9, Provincetown, Cape Cod

The only picture I could take where we weren’t being photo bombed by gay guys and their dogs or lesbian taxi drivers with their wives or some transvestite disguised as a bisexual (just kidding about the transvestite) was this one. Do you feel good or bad because a dyke thinks your wife looks hot?

Nancy on the beach in Provincetown

A day wandering up and down the beach then back to the studio apartment to study hard on where and what to do next. This planning on the fly thing is extremely stressful.

Oh yeah, we missed baby dyke week by about four days and have decided not to stay for bear week (that is a celebration of big hairy gay guys). If you think you are cool because you have been to Palm Springs, you are so wrong.

June 8, Rhode Island and Cape Cod

First things first. We wash the van

June 8, van gets a showerThen we change directions and instead of heading directly to Cape Cod we detour down to Newport, Rhode Island

boats in the Newport, RI harbourand stop for a tour of another Vanderbilt House, this one built by Cornelius Vanderbilt, George’s brother (he of Biltmore fame), this one called The Breakers. It easily rivals some of the grandest villas of Europe.

Then it was off to Provincetown at the north end of Cape Cod where we are giving the  van a breather

A night offwhile we stay in the Gallery Apartment at Hide Away Hill Villas. We move in for our two night stay then stroll down Commercial Street with Winston the people magnet

Doug and Winston in ProvincetownOut for dinner at Ross’ Grill where the bartender loved my jacket (one of the many purchases from Woodbury Commons)

June 7, West Point and a little (actually a lot) of retail

A small sleep in; West Point Military Academy Visitor Centre didn’t open until 09:00 o’clock. We rigged out and drove up the hill to the parking lot.  On the way passing General Patton’s tank.

Pattons tank at West Point
Patton’s tank at West Point

We do the bus tour around the grounds. Had to show our passports twice. We chose the one hour tour opting out of the 2.5h tour then drove off to Woodbury Commons, New York, a premium outlet mall so that we could increase our average spend rate. I am happy to say “mission accomplished”.

We cross the Hudson River Crossing the Hudson

and after avoiding another State Park (dogs not allowed), we park at Branch Brook Campground, in Thomaston, Connecticut. Winston and I wade across the Branch Brook and go for a trail walk before bedding down for the night.

June 6, we change directions again

We get up late and take a detour to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Lovely town, Jim’s third wife buried him there so the town could change their name and become a tourist attraction.  They were putting rafts in at the river so Winston got into the act.

Winston ready to go raftingWe found him at the take out point.

We cast about amongst people in the know and determine that Cape Cod is somewhere we must go. Too far a throw in one day so we settle on Kettletown State Campground somewhere along the way in Connecticut. Perfect, great reviews, on a lake, …

We arrive and no dogs allowed. You must be joking. Pay for a campsite and decide we will just have to smuggle the dog in for the night. After sober second thought we revisit our decision and, at 6:00 o’clock at night get on the google machines and try and find an alternative.

Who should show up? Skeeter and the Highland Falls RV park (loosely coined). Right along the railroad tracks (we were warned). We decided the best most level spot we could find was by straddling three spots. Skeeter had no problem with that, we were the only ones there.  They drove us up to town for dinner and generously offered to come and get us when we were done.

A night time pic of our spot

The rig at Highland Falls

Could be the most memorable and enjoyable best campground we have stayed in even with the trains coming by (really close) every couple of hours.