Fly Fishing on the North fork of the White River

This post would have been a lot better if the camera that took all of the FANTASTIC PICTURES OF THE RAINBOW AND BROWN TROUT I CAUGHT had not decided to go ‘walkabout’. Our float was the North Fork of the White River. Put in at Rainbow Springs above our cabin.  Stopped just after lunch to pick up Nancy and the dog to join us for the remainder of the day.

Some people might ask “What were you thinking?”. Nancy was quite well behaved, the dog not so much. The day culminated with me doing a slow motion backwards fall off the side of the boat while the guide watched in horror. Nancy was concerned I had had a stroke.


May 20, we throw in the towel

What a surprise. Woke up and it was raining. With a roll of the dice and going down a few internet rabbit holes we decided to spend the night at a campground we found on the way to Memphis: River of Life Farm as it sounded like (from another website) that there was reasonable hiking and it was a little bit of the grid. Phoned the guy, the directions were intense. He also said that he was very happy we were going to arrive in daylight hours.

Lost cell service about 3/4 of the way there. Nancy is thinking we are headed into Deliverance. Arrive, finally, after too many turns on too many gravel roads. Myron, the guy, says why don’t you take a look at one of the cabins; The Lighthouse. We take it for two nights. Forget Memphis tomorrow this is perfect.

The steps are up because it floods
The steps are up because it floods

Cancelled the reservation at the Graceland RV and the dinner reservation. I get to go fly fishing

May 19 – we narrowly miss a really stupid attraction

Rained all night so at the crack of God knows what time we packed up and left. Stopped at Oshkosh , Nebraska but couldn’t find anything that looked like the children’s clothing place. Did find a small coffeeshop that appeared to be a shrine to the Wizard of Oz. I guess because we weren’t in Kansas. The coffee looked too bad to buy so I quickly hid our coffee cups. Bought a cinnamon bun so I could use the bathroom. Nancy ate part of the bun out of politeness.

We continued on … in the rain.

May 19, driving in the rain

We had to pass through Lincoln, Nebraska today to cross the Missouri as we head on our way to Memphis.  Because of Carhenge yesterday (only one stupid attraction every other day) we passed on the National Rollerskating museum.

Bought a membership in GoodSam (some sort of rv’ing religious sect). Helped us in finding our spot for the night: AOK Campground & RV Park , just north of St. Joseph, Missouri.



May 18 – Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Carhenge

We made it to Mount Rushmore where Winston patted Teddy Roosevelt Winston patting Teddy

(for a complete pictorial presentation of his travels you can follow him on instagram at Winston.the.great)

After that it was the Crazy Horse memorial. We are going to go back in 20 years, maybe it will be a little further along. Then finally the highlight of the day: Carhenge

Car Henge

We made it to Scottsbluff where we celebrated our arrival by going to Rosalita’s acclaimed Mexican food so we could remember why we never go out for Mexican food.  After that off to the Riverside RV park.  I have deliberately added the blurry picture below because the only way I could stand it was by getting  so drunk I couldn’t see straight

Scottsbluff Camping spot

And then it started to rain.

May 17 – it took all day but finally it stopped raining

Left Lewistown just after 06:30 headed to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Lost a little bit of focus and found ourselves watching a movie about Custer’s Last Stand at the Custer Battlefield Museum , bought postcards. The curator told me he has a gigantic collection of photographs of Indians including Canadian. Must follow up on that one.

Backtracked to our route and FINALLY pulled into the Black Hills at just after 6:00 pm. If you find yourselves in Hill City (admittedly unlikely) stay at the Black Hills RV Park. If nothing else the showers are fantastic.

Hopefully tomorrow we won’t be eating at 9:30 at night, you never know, road trips are not for the faint of heart

May 16 – Day 1and it won’t stop raining

Attempted to leave Calgary at 04:45, pulled out at 06:45 (just kidding about the 04:45). Stopped in at a groovy coffee shop in Lethbridge. Check Winston’s Instagram account (Winston.the.great) for a picture of it.

Getting in to America if you are driving an RV, old and have Nexus cards? Most excellent.

Crossed the border and it started to rain, we’re talking biblical. Drove to Charlie Russell Museum  in Great Falls (in the rain). Just go. We bought a couple of puzzles, some posters and some post cards.

Drove around looking for a reasonable grocery store, bought some groceries then, after a couple of false starts, drove to the Mountain Acres campground in Lewistown, MT. Set up in the rain and went to sleep in the pouring rain.

700 km, rain and an oh shit what have we done


May 1, 2015: A road trip and a purchase

This past weekend we drove up to Sylvan and stayed overnight. Woke up in the morning to a curious visitor looking in our window.

Sylvan Lake Deer

We packed up and headed north on the 770 past the Genesee coal mine to highway 16  on our way to Grove RV in Spruce Grove (west of Edmonton). We installed the GearSpace 34 they had waiting for us on the back of the bus and headed back to Calgary, happy that we now can easily pack our golf clubs and kiteboarding gear. Too bad about the cost. Twelve more sleeps then the real adventure begins.  Van ready for the road, May 2, 2015 Don’t Forget THIS VAN’S FOR SALE

April 3, 2015 The Shakedown Cruise

Drove to the coast on the weekend. First stop was at Kamloops RV

I tried out the shower; more than acceptable. We fell asleep to the rain, happily our van is waterproof.

Next day while we were waiting to get on the ferry to Victoria we had some people want to know all about our van.  Should have got their names because


When Nancy wasn’t setting up at the West Bay RV Park in Victoria

Setting up the Van, Victoria, April 4

we went out and did a little beachcombing

Beachcombing, April 5


We found a little brother

We picked up our van, parked it in front of the house and… the next thing you know another one shows up. Ours is WAY NICER. Just finished programming in our first destination:  Kamloops RV. On the road for the Easter long weekend.

In front of houseWe got really excited when we received an e mail yesterday from Leisure about a North American treasure hunt for van owners as part of their 50th anniversary celebration.  They placed 50 bars of gold all over North America with clues for Leisure owners to use.  Too bad we forgot to look at the date. A great video from the famous Dean of Leisure Travel and an even better April Fools joke

January 29, 2015 We are hitting the road!

Nancy and I went to the RV show and bought a van to drive across America.

Here’s our planning map on the dining room table. Not sure how that’s going to work driving down the highway

The Planning Document
The Planning Document

What? Got serious about taking time off in May/June so then spun the vacation wheel and came up with the idea of a road trip.  Never having done one before not exactly sure how it will go. Our plan is to have a for sale sign in it during our trip and to sell it after we get back. If someone wants to buy it from us while we are away we will sell it and fly home.

2014 TRIPLE E UNITY 24CB - King Of The Road
2014 TRIPLE E UNITY 24CB – King Of The Road

The only firm reservation we have made is at the Cape Hatteras KOA on the Outer Banks of North Carolina starting the night of May 23

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